“My zone of coaching genius is where reverence and irreverence meet up.¬†With a fusion¬†of spiritual truth and irrepressible humor, I teach people to¬†reclaim their spirit, go badass on fear,¬†get their joy on, and own their brilliance.”


As a spiritual coach and teacher of A Course in Miracles, ¬†I illuminate the wisdom of each person’s spirit, empowering them to awaken to their own Divine wisdom¬†and connect to who they really are. I do so using an elixir¬†of spiritual clarity¬† and playfulness,¬†infused with ¬†a relatable coaching style. My superpower is inspiring people to create miraculous lives by transforming ¬†self-limiting beliefs¬†– in part by being able to laugh at the total ridiculousness of their egoic thoughts – and be who they came here to be and do what they came here to do.

Without being so serious about it.

Through individual coaching programs, workshops, public speaking engagements, and teleclasses, I elevate people to reach a higher level of self-expression, achieve personal growth, resolve perceived obstacles to happiness, and realize their dreams – and have a blast while doing so. That’s my sweet spot in the world, where the magic happens.

I provide a variety of transformational offerings. Please contact me to discover how we might work together to help you break through that crazy self-sabotage and gift the world with your amazing self.